• ​​Intake Process                        Only $10.00 (Can Take up to 2 hours)                                                            
  • Level I DUI Education: (include Intake, Sessions, Book and UA)                                               12 hours x $300.00
  • ​UA's: $ 15

Groups Sessions 

  • Level II DUI Education                                                                $25.00        
  • Level II DUI Therapy                                                                   $25.00         
  • Relapse Prevention                                                                    $25.00  
  • Level II Enhanced Outpatient Treatment                                     $25.00 
  • MTR: Moral Recognition Therapy                                                 $25.00 
  • Anger Management Therapy                                                       $25.00
  • Individual Sessions For Families with Alcohol/Drug Abuse           $60.00 

Generally, Level I education is for the first time DUI offenders who have a low blood alcohol level at the time of their offense

* Level II DUI Classes (Total hours: 24 or 12 Group Sessions)

Level II education is designed for first DUI offenders and if

their drug and alcohol test is high. 

Level II education consists of two-hour classes held once a week for 12 weeks

* Level II DUI Therapy (Total hours varies) 

Level II therapy is offered in a group and is designed to help clients address their drug and/or alcohol abuse, DUI citation and other life problems

Each group therapy session is two hours, once a week

If a clients court ordered to therapy, the client will attend one of four tracks assigned by the court

track A = 42 Hours (21 Group Sessions)

Track B = 52 hours (26 Group Sessions)

Track C = 68 hours (34 Group Sessions)

Track D = 86 hours (43 Group Sessions)

Classes are provided in Spanish and English 

It is possible to begin treatment even if​ you have not started your court process

Classes are available both before and after the court procedures

​​​1550 S Federal Unit D

Denver CO. 80219

PH: 720.502.4070


STS provides a variety of services/Group Sessions which include: Level I DUI Education , 
Level II DUI Education,  Level II DUI Therapy, Enhanced Outpatient Program (EOP), Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP), Relapse Prevention, Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT), Anger Management Therapy, Alcohol and Drug Evaluation For Court and Immigration, Individual Sessions for families who have an alcohol or drug abuse. 

 UA's Tests: $ 15 Dollares

​OPEN:  Monday  To  Friday 9:00 AM 9:00PM

Saturday: 9:00 AM a 1:00 PM