Therapy is offered in a group and is designed to help clients. Each group therapy is two hours a week. This treatment consist on 

  • Track A = 42 hours over 21 group sessions  
  • Track B = 52 hours over 26 group sessions
  • Track C = 68 hours over 34 group sessions
  • Track D =  86 hours over 43 group sessions 

Level II Education 

Our Services and Prices 

Generally, Level I education is for the first time DUI offenders who have a low blood alcohol level at the time of their offense

Sunflower Treatments Services

  • Intake Process. ( Can take Up to 2 hours)                                                                  30.00
  • Alcohol and Drug Evaluation                                                                                      180.00
  • UA's:                                                                                                                            15.00

Groups Sessions 

Classes are provided in Spanish and English. It is possible to begin treatment even if you have nor stared your court process

Level II DUI Therapy 

  • Level I DUI Education                                                                                              240.00
  • Level II DUI Education                                                                                              25.00 
  • Level II DUI Therapy                                                                                                 25.00
  • Relapse Prevention                                                                                                  25.00
  • Level II Enhanced Outpatient Treatment                                                                  25.00
  • MTR: Moral Recogniton Therapy                                                                             25.00
  • Anger Management Therapy                                                                                   25.00
  • Individual Sessions for Family with Alcohol/Drug abuse                                         60.00

Level II Education is designed for first DUI 

offenders and if their drug alcohol test is high

Level consist of two- hour classes held once

a week for 12 hours.