Our Goal

Is to help each individual to prevent future legal problems with alcohol issues. helping others to have emotional stability.

Our Vision

Sunflower Treatments Services

Our Staff


Over 10 years of counseling experience with groups and individuals. OBH License Treatment Center, Intake Officer for AOD, DUI,AM, Victim Empathy, also experience with MATRIX Intensive Outpatient Treatment Model.          

Our Strength

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Our staff is ready to work with you, there are prepared with experience and knowledge to assist you weather if you need with classes or counseling.             

William Toro 

Years of experience 10

Education: Licensed Addiction Counselor CAC III, Trauma Informed  Care ATTC, Certified Moral Recognition Therapy(MRT) Certified Mental Health AID, Interlock Enhancement Counseling: Enhancing Motivation for responsible Driving Center for Impaired driving Research and Evaluation. 

We strive to help people in difficult situations and give them the best strategy so they can be successful in live. We will work to improve people lives by making good decisions, and be aware of the consequences of alcohol and drugs.    Find out how we can help you today!

Our Facility 

A neat and pleasurable place, one of the best and most friendly environments. Always make sure you have a satisfactory experience every visit.